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Explore exciting hands-on activities created specifically for libraries.

The STAR_Net project developed hands-on activities related to its Discover Earth and Discover Tech exhibits that are now available for any library to use. (See downloads below) These activities are aligned with National Science Education standards. The module's science content was reviewed by scientists, engineers, science educators and librarians who provided input on the usability of the activities for libraries. The materials were field tested at libraries and revised according to feedback from librarians and their patrons.

There are icebreaker activities, science investigations, weather observations, crafts, and more! The activities are designed to be easy to implement, and they require readily available - and generally inexpensive - materials. Each activity module indicates which age group it's intended for: 5 to 7, 8 to 9, 10 to 13, and teens. Reading games - customized for ages 5 to 9, 10 to 13, and teens - combine book lists and reading logs with take-home adventures that support the hands-on activities. The reading games and reading lists can even be customized to suit your institutions resources and needs.


Download PowerPoints and other information from STAR_Net webinars.

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Discover Earth Activities

The Discover Earth activities focus on Earth science topics close to home, such as local weather and plants, animals, crops, and environmental features unique to your region. They also include a global view of our changing planet.

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Discover Tech Activities

The Discover Tech activities focus on how engineering impacts our everyday lives. Patrons of all ages can participate in activities related to building a community park in their town.

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Web Resources

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Earth Science sites (click to expand)
  • LPI Earth Science - Standards based activities and lessons on earth and space science topics.
  • NASA Earth - NASA missions to better understand what's going on on the surface of a very important planet-Earth!
  • COCORAHS - Citizen science organization tracking rain data across the U.S.
Technology and Engineering sites (click to expand)
  • Grand Challenges - This site discusses the "Grand Challenges" of engineering, and what is being done to solve them.
  • Engineering games - Fun games and activities that show how engineering affects our day to day lives.
  • PBS Kids - Great printable activities on Science, Engineering, the 5 senses and more!
  • PBS Kids Design Squad - A kid friendly website about engineering that includes games!
Space Science sites (click to expand)
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